Autoresponder, whats that?

Autoresponders are automatic e-mail campaigns you set up on your web site, sales or landing page.  Do not say that you have no idea exactly what an autoresponder is. You have actually seen them a million times, all those little boxes on all kind of web pages requesting your (first or last) name and of course your e-mail address, stating something like “Enter Your Data for Free Details”, “Join Our Newsletter” or whatever.

Generally,  there are 3 big ideas behind autoresponders. The first one is that autoresponders are a good thing to gain clientele on a specific topic. The second one is to hook up onto a campaign and capture those stragglers, those non-impulse and  inconsequent customers. The third one is that autoreponders are a vital selling device and are not an afterthought.

Exactly what is an Autoresponder?

The literal meaning is that it’s a solution, normally based online, that could send mass emails on request. The real meaning, for companies and marketers, is that an autoresponder is a way to gain clientele, “mop up” lost sales and increase conversion rates.

Leading online solutions such as Aweber and GetResponse provide a beneficial means for you to set up a mailing system. Site visitors to your website could quickly fill in their name and e-mail address in an in-line form, press “Submit,” and be quickly subscribed.

Pre-loaded messages in your autoresponder can be sent out at any type of period you desire. You may want to initially set up a “Welcome” e-mail message, followed by reminder, info or sales messages every 3 or so days.

Autoresponders: a “Net” to Get hold of New Clients and Lost Sales

Lots of companies and marketers see autoresponders as an easy way to get new clients for specific topics and “mop up” sales that they don’t get right away when clients/visitors comes to their site.

Some clients/visitors don’t instantly want to get anything — but after a couple of days and some persuasion thru your emails, they might come around to the idea to buy your product or service.

Also, autoresponders are extremely easy to establish, generally have low monthly fees, and the messages do not need to be extremely long or involved in order to “sell” the subscriber.

One of the leading services, Aweber,  indicates that it takes around 7 messages for customers until they think about buying. Once setup, autoresponders take all the hassle of managing and sending those messages, you save time and can concentrate on more important things.